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What happens at a Somatomancy massage?   

If you have been following Moonhill Mystery School for a while you might have heard me mention Somatomancy Massage. You might be interested in how a Somatomancy Massage unfolds. As a licensed massage therapist for almost 30 years, this work has been revealing itself to me for decades. These two skills, deep tissue massage therapy and psychic intuitive readings have been my focus for many years. I teach classes on both subjects to other practitioners, sharing my insights from years of practice. It is such a divine pleasure to bring these two concepts together for a whole new kind of work, providing transformation and change to those who are seeking a deeper knowledge of themselves and insights into their path forward.

Karin Olsen, licensed massage therapist of almost 30 years.

When you schedule a Somatomancy Massage with me, Karin Olsen in Olympia, WA, once you arrive at my office I will review your health intake information.  I then share with you about her psychic intuitive skills and how I receive information. Almost immediately I start receiving information from the spirit guides about how best to clear your energy fields with massage and energy techniques. These message often come in the form of visual images of  the best massage techniques for you.

  I receive information in three primary ways- clairaudience (hear messages), clairsentience (knowing) and clairvoyance (images).  Defining your psychic intuitive question is the next step. It’s important to have a specific question in mind. When we tap into the unseen realm I have found it is best to narrow the focus of the inquiry to a specific subject. That way we can go deep into your inquiry and discover the details you are seeking. I like to say “let’s not waste your time or mine with superficial questions, let’s go deep and find answers that will make a difference in your life.” Sometimes I offer folks the opportunity to pull a card from an oracle deck to help give an extra layer of support for their inquiry.

Image of Karin Olsen Somatomancy Massage creator.

With my beautiful handmade broom, I clear the superficial psychic debris from your energy field, with long sweeping motions a few inches from your body. This procedure is done while standing and fully clothed.  I sweep across the surface of your body to clear psychic attachments and tendrils of old outdated connections. Typically people feel lightened and simultaneously more grounded and centered once this process is complete.  I have found that this portion of the procedure is helpful to open the pathways to receive accurate and actionable information from the psychic intuitive session.

                Next I leave the room so that the client can undress to their level of comfort and get onto the massage table. I have a selection of Light Blossom Sprays that are flower essence and essential oil sprays designed by a friend of mine that is a healer as well. I recommend that the client chooses a few sprays that feel supportive to their transformational intention. In choosing these sprays you are making a declaration of the kind of support you would like to receive during your session. These sprays are scented with high quality essential oils and some people are sensitive to scents. You can choose a spray but we do not even have to use them for these tools to be supportive.

                On my return to the room you will be laying on the massage table covered by linens and blankets. Next I call in the spiritual helpers. Once the soul team has arrived I start to answer the question while simultaneously giving the client a deep tissue massage. The soul team gives me instructions on removing stagnant energies, clearing stuck places in the body through mild rocking motions, sweeping techniques and relaxation techniques. The massage portion is a little shorter than a standard massage since we spend time talking and clearing your energy field before the sessions.

review of Karin Olsen Somatomancy Massage creator.

My massage style stems from structural integration style work. This style is deep tissue focused on areas of tightness, restriction and tension. I do not have to use deep tissue techniques during a massage but most people find that I can find their best massage depth. Deep penetrating and concentrated focus on areas of tightness and tension dissolve away with concentrated attention. Most people have tension in their neck, upper and lower back, so it’s common for me to focus there. While the massage is clearing away old patterns and spiritual debris, we are talking about your questions. This question often leads to more questions which is fine. We often answer several questions in a one hour session and more questions are answered in a 90 minute session.

  Once the session is complete we say our gratitude for the spiritual helpers that attended your session. I leave the room for you to get dressed. Once we are sitting together again we might review some of the details of the session. I recommend people record the session or bring a notebook to write a few details down before they leave. It can seem like you could never forget such a profound and powerful experience but the details often fade as we step back into the mundane world.

                This work is a culmination of almost 30 years of experience as a massage therapist and psychic intuitive person. Every time I do this work I reminded of the ways this work has been brewing within me for more my entire massage career. I appreciate the opportunity to do this work with each of you. Thank you for giving the opportunity to do my hearts work.

Image of Karin Olsen standing in front of a tree in the forest with a handmade basket in front of her

Karin Olsen is a licensed massage therapist located in the South Salish Sea region, also known as Olympia, Washington. She started her massage journey in 1995 and opened her first massage therapy practice in Shelton, WA, Kaleidoscope Massage Therapy. This business specialized in medical massage therapy and she owned this business for 14 years, selling it to one of her employees in 2009. In 2005 She purchased Radiance Herbs & Massage, a legacy business in downtown Olympia. In 2019, Karin and her partner sold Radiance. In 2020 she opened Moonhill Mystery School, an earth-centered school of spiritual awakening. She teaches class, events and meet-ups for like-minded folks. Karin discovered her psychic skills in her late teens and has spent decades developing her talents and skills. She is a professional intuitive and teaches others to discover their psychic nature. Schedule a somatmancy session.

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