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Practices to Change your Mind- Step One

Updated: Apr 9

In the six steps to developing your psychic intuitive nature, created by Karin Olsen,  the first step is to change your mind.  Begin by examining  the parts of you that are barriers to receiving psychic information. In Western society we are discouraged from connecting to the unseen world. Some of this discouragement comes from Abrahamic religions that do not value a direct connection to spiritual beings or the ethereal world. There is a sense that it is dangerous or even detrimental to have a direct connection to the unseen world.

image of computer, oracle cards, smoke cleansing wand on a wood desk

   If you are deconstructing spiritual belief that no longer serve you, then releasing this aversion to direct spiritual connection would be helpful for you. As you navigate the first step in developing your intuition consider your under-lying operating systems, your mental framework. What basic beliefs about your world view are blocking you from receiving the information you are seeking? Many people believe you have a soul team, a group of spirits, angels or ancestors that are available to help you navigate your life. One of the aspects of intuition is getting assistance from this group of allies when you are making decisions about life choices.

                The first question to ask your self is “what part of me believes that I am NOT psychic?” I believe we are all psychic or at least have access to these helpful spirits. Being able to hear the information available takes practice. Many people experience a loud and bossy skeptic voice from within. In this day and age we prioritize scientific thinking and skepticism. I love science too but I do not believe science has the ability to answer all of humanities questions. Some questions are outside the scope of science at this time. And exclusively prioritizing a scientific method can distract us from the magic of intuition.

Exercise One: Free write for about 10 minutes, write down all of the experiences of intuition you have had over the years. Be generous with yourself. If there was a chance that you experienced intuition, then write it down.  As we grow our skills it will become clearer when you are receiving intuitive information and when you are not. You can continue to add to this list as you grow your skills set.

                Examining our internal operating systems can be daunting.  Reviewing the messages we received as a child or early adults about our intuitive nature can be very influential. Sometimes we need to reprogram our brains to reflect our current beliefs. One way to do that is through a mantra. Using a positively framed phrase that you repeat over time can help change your mindset.  Think of how many times you received the negative messaging that does not currently serve you and then imagine how many times you want to say the new positive phrasing to yourself.

                Exercise Two: Create a mantra or affirmation that will help you access your natural intuitive abilities. Once you have designed your phrase, use this phrase daily and frequently. When using affirmations, it can be helpful to do this work in front of a mirror. Gaze deeply into your own eyes and say your phrase that increases the internal messaging you are seeking to over-write. Some examples could be “I have easy access to my intuitive nature.”  Or “I can safely access my intuitive nature with ease.” And “I receive important message from my soul team in a timely manner.”  Use these phrases daily or as frequently as you remember to do it!

Fear can play a role in inhibiting your psychic intuitive skill development. Uncovering the base of these fears and their source is another way to dismantle obstructive thinking.  Growing in a spiritually restrictive household, you may have received messages about spirituality that are not in alignment with your current personal belief systems. When you feel fear rise within you, ask yourself “Is this true?  Is this a belief that serves me well? Does this belief keep me safe or does it keep me small?”

image of tea cup, candle, smoke cleansing wand, wing and paper with hand written notes.

If I could recommend one practice that you could implement today, it would be meditation. Meditation helps you reduce the inner voice inside our heads that can be prattling on through your day. Meditation has many benefits including reducing anxiety and stress and, creating more focus and a better mood. I recommend meditation a frequently as daily but even once a week will be beneficial. Start with shorter meditations and increase as you desire. Begin with ten minutes once a day. It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits. There are many meditation apps and website you can use to help track your sessions which can be helpful when you are implementing a new habit. Start with a 30 day challenge to help get your new routine set.  

Image of a person sitting in a meditation position with words  editation and Mindfulness helps develop your psychic intuition.

Exercise Three: Start a mediation practice. Use apps, or videos to help you find the best practice for you.

If you have an internal voice that is chatting away it’s hard to hear intuitive messages. It makes it difficult to know the difference between your internal skeptic and your intuition. Many of us have a strong internal critic or skeptic. This voice is one of caution and is often resistant to change.  The inner voice that keeps us small is a protective measure. This voice keeps us in line with social norms, reinforces societal rules and maintains cultural norms. This inner critic usually tells us lies like we are not smart enough, not strong enough or not talented enough. This inner critic can be a strong barrier to receiving intuition. This leads us to another practice.

Exercise Four: Change your inner critic into your inner champion. Changing your inner skeptic or critic takes practice and intentional reprogramming. Every time you hear yourself critiquing yourself, change your criticism into a compliment. Such as “Look at me trying new things! Wow I am really expanding my awareness. I am getting good at growing my intuition skills. I think I am becoming more psychic every day. ” For every time you hear yourself express your doubts, say an encouraging phrase to yourself.  You can use the same phrase every time or you can adapt the phrase to the situation.

                Take some time to relearn your positive mindset about your intuitive nature. This six step process is not a one and done situation. It’s more like an onion, we move through layers of internal resistance as we expand and grow. The first step is a great beginning to developing your psychic skills. Each of the six steps can be reviewed and deepened as you grow your skills, much like a spiral. As you have more access to the spiritual world, you might find yourself walking back through these steps with a different perspective and with more understanding and knowledge.

image of Karin Olsen stnading in a gree n forrest wearing a red sweater

                If you would like to connect with others on this journey consider joining a psychic development class with Karin. If you are seeking individual development then schedule a one-on-one session with Karin as she walks you through the six steps.

Karin is a healer, a seer and a teacher. She has been studying plants for more than 20 years, owning a herb shop and metaphysical store for 15 years. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years. Karin learned her psychic medium skills from her mother and sees clients via zoom. She teaches classes on earth-based spirituality through Moonhill Mystery School in the Salish Sea area. In 2021 she earned a Master of Ecopsychology from Naropa University.


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