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Increase your Psychic Intuitive Abilities Part Four

Updated: Jan 19

Connecting with your soul guides.

When you are developing your skills as an intuitive or psychic, it’s good to have some allies. These soul allies can appear to us in different ways. In my viewpoint, there are spiritual guides that are ready and willing to provide assistance and it’s our job to learn how to hear these soulful messages. Connecting with soul guides can help keep you spiritually safe as you navigate the unseen world. These guides are also eager to help you discover the answers you are seeking.

candles, calm enviroment with words Meditation increases psychic development

Soul guides come in a wide variety of forms. Some people work with angels, dragons, ancestors or even mountains or the moon. A soul guide is usually a (mostly) benevolent entity that provides assistance when called upon. Many soul guides are skilled in particular areas. We often meet healers, transformers and wise ones. In my experience there are also business advisors, culinary experts, astral travel experts, and more! Just as we have talents and developed skills so do our soul guides. A soul guide that takes the form of a tree can teach you about grounding, living with the seasons or holding strong in a difficult situation. Each soul guide has talents and skills in particular areas.

Some soul guides are here for a season and some soul guides are with you for a lifetime. As a psychic medium, when I do intuitive readings for my clients, I call on their soul guides to help answers their important questions. I work with the guides that know you, the best. When we call them forward I can see an outline of who is in attendance for that reading. In my experience, most people have 6-10 guides attend a reading. Many of those guides feel as though they are lifetime helpers. Sometimes there is a guide that is helping with a specific part of someone’s life. If you are adventuring into a new aspect of life, it might be prudent to call upon a guide that specializes in the work you are embarking on.

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Use your best judgement when connecting with guides. Just like advice from other consultants, you shouldn’t take the recommendations from your soul guides at face value without using your personal discernment. If you receive bad advice, then do not follow it. Our soul guides are benevolent creature that can see outside of our viewpoint but they are not infallible. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s bad advice or if we do not want to follow their instruction because we are deceiving ourselves. In this case it might be helpful to work with a psychic medium or other spiritual advisor to help you with discernment. Over time working with your team of guides you can develop confidence in their recommendations and their insights. Through trial and error you can discover how their insights can be helpful for you!

Soul guides or Spirit guides?

You may have heard people reference soul guides or spirit guides. I prefer the term soul guides so as to not conflate the inappropriate and potentially appropriative term spirit guides. In the past the term spirit guides have been associated with Native American spirituality. We now realize that this terminology was anglicized and misused. Native American communities are not homogenized into one culture with the same terms for spiritual technologies or techniques. Native American culture is a large collection of very different cultures and belief systems. So in an effort to not confuse any seekers or appropriate a poor term, I use the term soul guides.

How do I connect with my soul guides?

Meditation is one of the most effective tools for psychic intuitive development and in particular listening to or connecting with your soul guides. The first task is determining the difference between your own voice and the information you receive from another resource. We all have that voice in your head that says “Don’t park here” or some other warning that seems to come out of nowhere. Perceiving the difference between our fear and an intuitive insight is the first work of the seeker. A helpful distinction can be the emotional quality of the message. Often when we are receiving intuition there is not an emotional undertone. For instance, if you hear “don’t park here”, it doesn’t come with visions of a terrible disaster. It shouldn’t accompany panic, dread, revulsion or anxiety. And if you are feeling these emotional signals, it might be your fears that are speaking not your intuition. By quieting your internal dialogue through meditation, you are able to differentiate between your personal voice and the information that comes from spirit.

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Developing a relationship with your soul guides.

Working with soul guides can sometimes be similar to developing relationships with the people in your life. Just as if you only call on a friend once in a while, it might take them longer to respond to you, that follows for soul guides as well. Connecting in regularly can help develop a robust and fruitful relationship. It doesn’t have to be a long intricate ceremony to connect with your soul guides, but it would likely require time and focus. I suggest setting aside time, as frequently as you desire, to connect with your guides. Some people connect daily, some people connect on the weekends, and some people reach out only when they need assistance. Regular connection seems to be the most fruitful. Even asking your guides to show you their presence through symbolism can be helpful. Such as, every time you see a blue bird, you know one of your guides has a message for you. Then you can pause, quiet your mind and listen for the message.

As you grow your relationship with your soul guides, you will learn their symbolism and communications. Getting to know your guides will help you understand their message more quickly and completely. If a guide sends a message that is confusing then ask for clarification. Working with one guide for a period of time can be helpful as you grow your understanding of their skills, perspective and insights. Keep in mind that a guide that lived in medieval times may not understand the internet, or a flowing river may not be able to help you with grounding practices. Try to see their messages through their understanding of the world. Making the request to work with the most benevolent, compassionate and wise guide is a great start. Begin where you are and practice with frequency to cultivate deep and trusting relationships with your guides.

Karin Olsen reading oracle cards

Karin Olsen is a healer, a seer and a teacher. She has been studying plants for more than 20 years, owning a herb shop and metaphysical store for 15 years. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years. Karin learned her psychic medium skills from her mother and see clients via zoom. She teaches classes on earth-based spirituality through Moonhill Mystery School in the Salish Sea area. In 2021 she earned a Master of Ecopsychology from Naropa University.

To learn more about the wheel of the year, schedule a Spiritual Coaching session with Karin at

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