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Increase your Psychic Intuitive Abilities Part Five

Using Tools for Psychic Development As you grow your psychic intuitive skills, you might find it useful to use some tools to help you access your intuitive nature. Lots of people think of tarot cards as the primary tool for people to access their gifts but there are many tools. I also like to think of the way that you begin and close sessions as tools. Let’s get into some examples of tools that might nourish your connection to your unseen information.

Oracle cards, tea cups and smoke cleansing wands

Thousands of tools

Tools for divination can be many things- tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, bones, automatic writing, tea leaves, and there are many more. The list could go on forever. Tools do not even need to be things. A tool can be the way that you open each session, psychic protection is also a good tool. Using your hands in particular position as you meditate can be a tool for opening your psychic intuition. Tools provide support for your access to intuitive information. I often say that I do not need a physical tool to connect with my psychic intuition, and I often use cards because that gives the client I am working with, the experience that they are expecting. My number one tool would be grounding. Without grounding practices, I would not have access to the immense psychic information available.

At Moonhill Mystery School, we talk about the uncomfortable subjects of cultural appropriation. In reality, it is difficult to define and abide by cultural appropriation standards as they are defined differently by different people. In addition, one person cannot speak for an entire culture. Holding ‘harm none’ as your tenant might help you decide on your actions. If one person is harmed by your use of a tool, I would recommend you reconsider the use of that tool. Some psychics do not use tarot cards as they can be considered cultural appropriation. Another consideration is if a group of people were harmed because of your use of their tool, and if you come from a dominant culture and you are safe from harm when using the tool, you might reconsider if it’s appropriate for you to use that tool.

There are divination tools for every culture.  Examine this as you are embarking on your investigation. Consider if the tool you are inquiring about is culturally appropriate for you. Cultural appropriation is using aspects of another cultural without fully understanding the complete nature and history of the tool you are appropriating.  Cultural appropriation is often perpetrated by the dominant community. Practices that are appropriated are often misused and/or disassembled from their original intent.  Connect with wise elders to determine if a tool is appropriate for you. Give yourself grace, if you make a mistake- take responsibility for your action, make an apology and move forward.

Nordic Runes

Once you have made an effort to examine your relationship with cultural appropriation, some other tools you might consider are- cards, runes, scrying, metallurgy, natures signs and symbols, omens, casting stones, numerology, pendulums, auto-writing, throwing bones, tea leaves, stones, shells, and so many more! You might have an attraction to a particular tool and honestly I must also say you do not need to purchase anything! There are many opportunities to acquire tools that are not just through purchasing. You can make your own tools or trade for them. I like to use buy-nothing groups as recycling is a great earth-honoring practice! Be sure to energetically clear your tools, whether they are brand new or used.

Once you decide on a tool then I recommend you clear and cleanse the tool of any previous owner’s energy. Even if you are buying a product that has the cellophane wrapper still intact, I recommend that you clear your tools before you use them. A simple way to clear tools is with smoke cleansing. You may have heard me discuss smoke cleansing before, as I like to recommend that we leave the white sage for American indigenous folks because this plant has been commercialized and is being over-harvested. You can use rosemary, lavender and mugwort as smoke cleansing tools or even your favorite incense.

Use this simple clearing technique; wave your tools in the smoke to remove any psychic debris from your new tool. This is just one cleansing technique, there are many available. Another technique is putting your item in the moonlight on a full moon. This also removes latent psychic energies.  Using moon water, as long as water will not damage your tool, can also be a good cleansing technique. Each clearing procedure will serves a different vibrational clearing need, so use your intuition to determine which technique would be most appropriate.

If you are using a tool like a pendulum, it’s good to use the tool with some frequency. Practicing a couple times a week will help create a relationship with your tool. You will discover how your tool works, and how it works best for you. You might discover one tool is good for one situation and another tool is good for another situation. Developing a relationship with your tools help you know which tool is appropriate for each scenario. Your tool may be a brief meditation before you begin your psychic work. Do this meditation with frequency so that your energy body can drop into this supernatural space with ease and familiarity.

Your best tool

As I mentioned before your best tool is grounding and centering. This tool also needs regular practice. I find that the more I ground, the more I can receive fast, accurate information. A good grounding practice is imagining your body’s connection to earth. Imagine you have roots that can sink down into the soil. I also like to connect to the stars and planets through my upper body, feeling my energy body reaching up towards the stars. Then I allow the planets and earth to meet in the middle of my body, somewhere between my heart and my belly button. This centering and grounding practice is a requirement for me to tap into my psychic nature. I think this grounding practice also helps me create a container within which the psychic work is done. That way I am not barraged with psychic information while I am living my life. Not to say that I do not get psychic information out of that context. I do think this practice helps create some psychic boundaries for me.

Karin Olsen reading oracle cards

Opening and closing prayers or phrases are tools.

I highly recommend an opening and closing prayer as part of your practice. I find this to be crucial for psychic protection and hygiene. Making the statement to your soul guides and guardians that you are stepping into the unseen and asking for guidance, assistance, and protection helps us do this work in a safe container. Developing that container over time creates strong allies in the spirit world.

An opening prayer/phrase can be something like “Dear beloved unseen allies and guardians, please offer clear, helpful and insightful wisdom for the seeker before me. Help me create a safer container that allows healing and transformation to occur.” I like to name the person that I am doing the work with, if you are seeking wisdom for yourself, the prayer can be adjusted to fit your needs. A closing prayer may be something like “Thank you unseen allies and guardians for bringing these insights and wisdom to be seen, heard and known. I appreciate your help and assistance. I express my deep gratitude for your attendance“. This closing statement helps the spiritual allies know that the session is complete and that you are no longer engaging with them. This feels respectful of the spiritual world. I get the sense that guides and guardians have their own experiences to attend to that have nothing to do with me. So ending the session with clarity and gratitude feels respectful and appropriate.

Experiment with tools that you are attracted to, with reverence and respect. Learn the history of the tool and see if that information aligns with your values and culture. Playfully exploring tools can open your insights and help you receive messages. Practice helps you understand how the tool works for you in particular. Just like with any other skill, practicing helps you be efficient and increase the speed of receiving information and potentially the accuracy of your readings.

If you would like to know more about this six step process, explore the tabs for Psychic Intuitive Development in this blog. Checkout Karin’s website at Moonhill Mystery School for information about classes and individual coaching session for psychic development.


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