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Welcome to Moonhill Mystery School

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Welcome to Moonhill Mystery School.

Moss covered trees, ferns int he background, leaves on the ground.
The forest area surrounding MMS.

MMS (Moonhill Mystery School) is based in South Puget Sound in Washington state on specifically chosen forest covered lands. The original people of these lands are the Medicine Creek Tribes including Nisqually, Skokomish, Squaxin and Coast Salish Sea indigenous people. MMS wants to acknowledge and recognize that we are on unceded tribal lands. We work towards reparation and understanding by working directly with native peoples and with organizations that help people of European, colonizer descent, understand how to be in right relationship with native peoples.

MMS offers workshops, classes and courses to assist participants in developing a deeper relationship with their own earth-based spirituality. MMS does not promote a specific spiritual path other than the broad category of earth-based spirituality. The focus of the courses encourages participants to go inward, collectively collaborating with a cohort of like-minded folks to find their unique, individual and authentic relationship with their own soul’s journey. Birthed from the culmination of three-and-half decades of yearning, learning, along with two years earning a graduate master’s degree, this project comes to fruition in the summer of 2021.

For more information about upcoming classes and workshops please visit


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