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Increasing your Intuition

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Everyone has intuition or psychic skills. The more time and energy you put into developing those skills the more clear and accurate you can become. I discovered I had psychic skills by accident. My mother and I would 'pretend' that we could read palms. it started as a carefree, party favor that turned real, real quick! We began reading truths in people's palms! I do not use palmistry as a system of divination these days but I did learn how to use much of my psychic skills through that medium.

My preferred tool these days is oracle cards. I have found that I do not resonate with the tarot system as the hierarchical nature of the cards turns me off. And truly the tool does not matter as much for me, practicing the skill of what has changed my experience as a psychic. So here are few tips to help you develop your psychic skills.

Meditation- Quieting the mind is one of the most important skills for any intuitive or psychic. Without a quiet mind its hard to know where your messages are coming from. There are many types of meditation and quiet mind meditation is probably my most important tool. But I also use walking meditation and guided meditations as well.

Release Fear- If you are fearful of receiving messages from spirit (universal source, God, whatever you choose to call it) than it will be harder to receive those messages. Some people find this challenging when they have experienced religious programing that discourages or denounces direct communication with spirits.

Embodiment- Connect with your body. Feel your heart beat. Notice your five sense and develop a stronger connection with those senses. We use our eyesight most of our five sense so try blind folding yourself to increase your other senses.

Practice- Read for your friends, your family and strangers. Do intuitive readings for anyone and everyone. Use cards, runes or other divination tools. Practice, practice, practice. Explore the wide variety of tools out there to see which ones fit your style best. And have fun!

Karin Olsen is a healer, a seer and a teacher. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years. She has been studying plants for more than 20 years, owning a herb shop and metaphysical store for 15 years. She teaches classes on earth-based spirituality through Moonhill Mystery School in the Salish Sea area. She earned a Master of Ecopsyhcology from Naropa University in 2022.

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