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Increase your Psychic Intuitive Abilities Part Two

Updated: Jan 19

Psychic Protection and Hygiene

Many people who are seeking to increase their psychic intuitive skills may be wary of dipping into the unseen world. Some of these fears can come from experience and often the fears stems from what others have expressed or stories people have heard. It can also come from well-meaning people’s warnings but these warnings are often based in fears and rather than direct experience. It is perfectly natural and normal to tap into the spirit world to receive wisdom. People have been doing this for longer than we have not. There are wise ways to navigate this invisible world. Psychic protection and hygiene skills can help keep you safe and healthy.

Swirling stars in a vortex with words Psychic Protection

What is psychic protection and hygiene you say? For many years I owned a metaphysical store and we would get customers in our store all the time seeking psychic protection skills. I found this information to be intriguing myself. As we navigate the spiritual world, how do we do this safely? Especially since there is not a lot of main stream information about safe practices and techniques. In the early 2000’s, which is when I began working with these psychic protection techniques, there was even less information available. You can probably pick up a handful of books about the subject- which I totally recommend you doing! In the early 00’s the information from books was more fear-based in my opinion. So I delved into this work and collated material for a psychic protection and hygiene class that I taught at my store for almost ten years.

My personal viewpoint is that there are not evil entities waiting to capture and control you. I think this viewpoint could be left-overs from Abrahamic religious belief systems. If that is your framing and you are committed to that viewpoint then feel free to move along and stop reading now. I also would like to say I think we can be spiritually clumsy and bump into situations or step into places we do not have the proper skills or understanding that allows us to navigate that spiritual scenario with safety or even grace. I also want to mention that I think there are places that we can mettle that are dangerous. But I do not believe danger lurks around every spiritual corner.

In fact most, yucky feeling that people traverse in the spiritual field are actually disordered energies. Releasing excess and chaotic energy can alleviate much of the discomfort people experience. There are many techniques you can employ. I like to think of psychic protection in three categories; protection of people, places and things. I also like to encourage people to think of psychic hygiene as just as needed at a brushing your teeth or washing your clothes. Let’s talk about hygiene first.

Psychic Hygiene

Psychic hygiene is regular practices that you employ to clear your energy fields and strengthen your auric fields. You probably employ some of these practices naturally. When you get home from work do you change your clothes? Take off your shoes? That can be seen as unconscious psychic hygiene. Like most self-care practices, you can receive more benefit when you enact these practices with intention and consciousness. Changing into comfortable clothes can also be a way of setting down your work-mind and stepping into a more relaxing space. Some of my favorite psychic hygiene practices include meditation, smoke cleansing, ritual showers, sweeping your home, walking barefoot on grass and singing. These all may seem like wildly different tasks and each of us have favorite ways to help our bodies, minds and spirits feel more centered and relaxed.

woman sitting in meditation position with words Meditation improves psychic skils

Meditation would be one of the most fruitful psychic hygiene tasks you could take on. Quieting the busy, monkey mind helps calm the nervous system organizes energy fields and also helps one discern between our intuitive insights and the incessant, sometimes negative, voices in our heads. The part of you that reminds yourself to get eggs at the store is not the same channel of information that you receive psychic perceptions. You do not need to meditate for an hour; in fact a ten minute meditation can be incredibly productive. Frequency is best with a meditation practice. Truly any meditation is better than none. If you can only meditate once a week, it will be beneficial. I like to set reminder timers on my phone so that in the evening or in the morning when I should have time to sit for ten minutes so I can remind myself to meditate. Sometimes I brush off the suggestion and many times, I take myself up on the self-care suggestion.

Psychic Protection

The first step to creating a psychic protection practice is recognizing that your systems need care. What are your body’s signals that you need to shift your energy system? Some people are anxiousness, restlessness, feel chills, or heaviness. It’s not uncommon to feel extremely tired after a day of relating with customers at work or family at an event. All of these descriptions can help you discover what your body’s signals are that you need to provide yourself with some psychic hygiene. Grounding is my number one recommendation for psychic hygiene. Grounding is a practice of consciously turning your focus inward to calm your nervous system and energy system. Often if you take a walk in nature you will find relief and a deeper connection to your center.

Psychic protection can look a wide variety of ways. Generally with psychic protection we consider protecting people, places and things. The people part is probably self-explanatory so let’s talk about protecting places and things next. As you are developing your psychic skills you might notice aspects of spirituality that you were not aware of before you opened yourself to more subtle information. So protecting a space might feel helpful as you dip yourself into an unknown world. Clearing the space in which you live and practice can feel very helpful for sensitive people. Clearing your space might be smoke cleansing, sweeping or even playing calming music. Many people use crystals to help create more spiritual structure for your energetic space. Spraying calming scents also can help shift the energetic quality of a space. You might want to create calm at your office, in your home or at a special place. You can use these techniques almost any environment.

Yellow candle, smoke cleansing wand, flower of life, and other metaphysical tools for psychic development

When thinking about psychic protection for a thing, you might ask “What kind of thing would I be protecting? “ Things that we might like to protect could be your car or your house. If you are protecting your home property you might create a circle of protection with crystals or even with rocks designated as helpers. If you are protecting your car you might add a charm or an amulet to your review mirror. You could protect your office space, or the tools you use in your work. Energetically clearing these items with spiritually activated water or even prayers can help create an environment that aids more efficiency with your work. There are a millions ways to clear, protect and enhance the spiritual properties of things.

Finally psychically protecting yourself has likely been something you have done all of your life but you may not have recognized this as a spiritual practice. You have probably noticed after an argument it feels better to walk outside and take deep breaths. Or you may have noticed that you feel better when you consciously ground your energy system. Again there are a million ways to psychically protect your energy system. As a spiritual coach I often help people discover their best ways to add or create psychic protective practices designed just for them.

Whatever your practices may be, smoke cleansing, grounding, working with crystals, breathing exercises, room sprays, amulets, energy system balancing, whatever your practice looks like, I recommend you have daily, weekly and monthly practices. This helps you cover many aspects of your psychic self. Maybe you spiritually sweep your office once a week, at the beginning of the week? Or maybe you do this task at the end of the week? Those are questions only you can answer. What is best for YOUR energy system. And be flexible, what works this week may not work next week. Practice, try thing out, and most importantly create some regular practices that are self-care psychic hygiene.

As you discover your psychic skills and continue to grow and learn how to use your intuition, you can use psychic protection and hygiene practices to keep yourself safe, healthy and effective. This is a six part series where I explain a process in which you can use to strengthen your psychic intuition. Check out part one as well and subscribe to the website to get emails and updates as more blog posts are published. If you are interested in scheduling a private one-on-one spiritual coaching session that focuses on the six step process then go the website for more info!

Karin Olsen Psychic Intuitive coach

Karin Olsen is a healer, a seer and a teacher. She has been studying plants for more than 25 years, owning a herb shop and metaphysical store for almost 15 years. She has been a massage therapist for almost 30 years. Karin learned her psychic medium skills from her mother and see clients via zoom. She teaches classes on earth-based spirituality through Moonhill Mystery School in the Salish Sea area. In 2021 she earned a Master of Ecopsychology from Naropa University.


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