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Celebrate Lammas August 1, 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Honoring the seasons has been a part of my personal spiritual practices for more than 20 years. Connecting with the nuances of the eight holidays associated with the Celtic Calendar or the Wheel of the Year, has been a way for me to access my spiritual practices, throughout the year, with a specific theme to each event.

Below are some suggestions for celebrating the season of Lammas, the first of three harvest celebrations. Lammas happens on August 1st this year. Enjoy the turn of the wheel of the seasons!

Lammas Altar Suggestions

Colors-White, green, yellow

Energy- Relaxation, Reflection, Casual

Crystals- Moss agate, Adventurine, Cat’s Eye, Obsidian

Herbs-Goldenrod. Nasturtium, Queen Anne’s Lace, Sunflower, Poppy, Rose, Vervain, Heliotrope, Yarrow.

Lammas Feast Rose Infused Wine

Fresh Tomatoes with Basil & Mozzarella

Salad Greens with Nasturtium flowers

Quinoa Salad with fresh basil

Grilled Marinated flank steak

Roasted Corn on the cob

Corn bread muffins

Fresh Berry cobbler and homemade ice cream.

Lammas Craft ideas

Orange Candles (see Circle Round by Starhawk)

Preserve your favorite foods

Dry Fruits and veggies

Can veggies

Harvest medicinal herbs

Make smoke cleansing wands

Karin Olsen is a healer, a seer and a teacher. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years. She has been studying plants for more than 20 years, owning a herb shop and metaphysical store for 15 years. She teaches classes on earth-based spirituality through Moonhill Mystery School in the Salish Sea area. She earned a Master of Ecopsyhcology from Naropa University in 2022.


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