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Priestess and Ceremonialist

For more than 25 years Karin has provided soul-centered ceremonies for her community.  She has performed weddings, funerals and many other rites of passage. Karin has a special ability to hold an energetic container that ignites the ability to engage in magic, creativity, transformation and connection. She loves to lead people through the personal transformation that ceremony can provide. Karin creates individual ceremonies for all of her clients.

Schedule an exploratory Rites of Passage call with Karin to see how she can help make your ceremony spirit held and transformational.

tarot cards and tea
tea cups and tea pot


"If you find yourself a skeptic or a curious someone who has never had a reading done before…. Well, I could relate because this was me not long ago. Recently, I had a reading with Karin as a birthday gift from a dear friend of mine. Admittedly, I was incredibly nervous and I told Karin as much upon arrival. She was so calm and comforting like a warm hug is the best that I can describe it. I felt comfortable. Right away, she connected with my great-great-great-grandfather and it started to create cracks in the outer protective crust around my skepticism. How could someone know this? I do not have social media….at all. I’ve never met her yet she could describe this man, whom I had just recently discovered through my own research. She knew about what I was trying to manifest in my life, something I have told nobody about. It’s the other side, my angels, spirit guides who told her. I was astounded yet over the moon with excitement. This is a dream of mine since…. well, it’s been so long I can’t even remember. I left with new knowledge in my pocket, enthusiasm, and wonder. Could this really be? (I’m a tough nut to crack when I set my mind on something). When I got home my husband was so intrigued that he told me to book a reading for the two of us. That next week we both sat down with Karin. To my amazement, she was able to communicate with my husbands’ loved ones. More cracks formed in the crust. I sat there quietly as he did and listened to Karin as she described them in such good detail (again, they were long passed before the internet for all the skeptics). The entire reading was beautiful and so comforting. Karin guided me to start looking into myself because she knew without me even telling her about my scientific mind. So, I thought to myself “Challenge accepted!” Fast forward I have been listening and opening myself up, I have seen the signs our spirit guides leave us. I have messages left for me almost daily. I feel the pull deep within. That crust now has so many cracks that warm light is projecting out of them as well. There are not enough words of recommendations for Karin. Book a session with her. Don’t think about it, don’t let that fear or hesitation stop you. Push through the skepticism, the scientific mind, and just book it. It’s life-changing and beautiful. My life has forever been changed for the better thanks to Karin and her guidance. " - N.F.

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