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Online Psychic Medium

Online Psychic Medium

What is the Difference Between an Online Psychic Medium and  Online Psychic Reading

In today's modern world, accessing psychic services has become easier than ever. With the growth of the internet and technology, it is now possible to get psychic readings and services online. However, there is often confusion about what differentiates an online psychic medium from an online psychic reading. In this blog post, we will explain the key differences between the two.


1. Definition of an Online Psychic Reading

An online psychic reading involves a psychic reader using various techniques like tarot readings, oracle cards, and other forms of divination to answer questions and provide guidance. The aim of this psychic service is to provide insight and clarity into a person's life. An online psychic reading is usually done via phone, chat, or video conferencing.


2. Definition of an Online Psychic Medium

An online psychic medium connects with spirits, those that have passed over to another world, to offer messages that can provide healing or closure. They work as a go-between of the living and the afterlife. An online psychic medium often works with people who have lost loved ones and desire to communicate with them. They use their abilities to provide specific details to confirm that the messages they pass on are genuine and coming from the spirit world.


3. The Difference Between Psychic Reading and Psychic Medium

An online psychic reading is focused on the present moment. The psychic reader uses divination techniques to gain insights from tarot cards or oracle cards. They offer guidance by interpreting the meaning behind each card drawn, providing answers to the specific questions asked or seeing what is around the corner. Psychics reading, therefore, are more general, offering guidance and predictions that could be helpful for the audience.


On the other hand, online psychic mediums work with those in the spirit world. They offer validation from the loved ones that have crossed over and messages from them. Psychic mediums use their ability to communicate with spirits, providing a connection from the other side. They focus on communicating the messages from spirits of those that have passed over, messages that offer comfort, closure and healing. 


4. The Benefits of Online Psychic Reading and Online Medium

An online psychic reading can be beneficial when you need guidance on a specific matter or want more direction in life. A psychic reading can help identify patterns that may stop you from achieving your goals and offer guidance to get back on track. 


A more targeted form of support can be found in online psychic medium readings, as individuals are looking to get in contact with a specific person who has already passed. Here, the psychic medium helps deal with grief and the pain that comes with losing a loved one. 


At Moonhill Mystery School, our experienced psychics provide both readings and medium services. We understand that the channels to find peace and clarity are different from one person to another, so we offer a variety of options to best serve your needs. Contact us today for more information. 

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