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Sacred Business Mentoring

Starting her first business in 1994, Karin has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. She has built a business from scratch, purchased a legacy business that she ran for 15 years before selling it, and started a non-profit.

With intuition and compassionate care, Karin has managed a budget of over one million dollars and supervised as many as 30 employees.

She has used her psychic abilities and heart-centered view of the world to navigate the changing business world.
Work with Karin to create your dream business, or invoke passion and creativity into an existing sacred business.

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"As a new business owner, I was struggling with knowing how to brand and market myself to attract the client base I knew would benefit most from my skills. I also needed help with setting goals that would result in integrating my spiritual beliefs into my business in ways that would not alienate other potential clients. Karin’s extensive experience in business, and her perception and intuition worked to really target how I was subconsciously limiting my potential and created a supportive container in which I could begin to overcome those challenges. She helped me develop a plan that was not only grounded in magickal intention but also practical in its’ application and I could not be more grateful". Jennifer D.

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