Karin Olsen

Intuitive, psychic medium, spiritual coach

From a very young age Karin began developing her intuition by listening to spirit.   What started as a fun party trick and reading palms has evolved into a calling to serve her community.   Karin listens deeply to the wisdom of the ancestors to provide people with guidance.  

Her background includes over 30 years as a healer, using massage therapy as a tool to help people release pain, stress, and discomfort.   She successfully guided small businesses for decades by caring for her patrons, employees, and community with a heart centered approach and a fiscally sound practice.

Her spiritual practices center on connections to nature, the seasons, and ancestral work.  She leads a community in regular moon gatherings as well as other seasonal practices.   Her desire to serve, led to provide classes on topics ranging from psychic protection  to personal spiritual practices.  Having found her passion for sharing wisdom, she developed Moonhill Mystery School as an offering to people seeking to ground their spiritual practices in their modern lives.  As a teacher, Karin uses her own spiritual practice, as well as her Master of Ecopsychology degree to provide structure, theory, and practical application to courses.  

Karin’s skill as a psychic came originally through her maternal lineage watching her mother and grandmother read palms.   After she discovered her natural aptitude as a medium, she studied, practiced, and developed her abilities to connect with those no longer in a body.  Through this practice, she also grew her knowledge of energy beings and can navigate connection to the spirit world while helping others to receive information when seeking clarity. 

Using the connection to spirit, Karin is often called to create sacred ritual for weddings, baby blessings, first moon, and house clearing ceremonies.   She sees ceremony as a process, not an event and begins by helping those involved set the intention.  She often holds the container of ceremony far before the event happens as part of the magical process of transformation.

From 2019-2020 Karin was part of a team, teaching Nature Instructors through Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, Washington.  Through this internship Karin helped connect the NIT students to the natural cycles in the outdoor adventure program.
Karin continues to grow and build the Moonhill Mystery School community. Connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/moonhillmysteryschool