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Feeling stuck? 
Find your inner flow

River Rapids
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Get in tune with the worlds around you.

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Find Your Inner Path

By Finding

A Spiritual Coach and Guide

On This One.


Find Your Inner Path.

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Get a One on One
Spiritual Transformational coaching

with Karin today

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Workshop Below

Spiritual Facilitator

Karin helps create a connection with the spiritual and natural worlds. Through an intuitive psychic medium session with Karin, you can ask any question of the universe. Be prepared to take notes.

Intuitive Guide

Karin is a spiritual coach and guide. Moonhill Mystery School assists seekers in illuminating their individual path of soulful development within an earth-based spirituality framework. Book a spiritual transformational coaching session with Karin today


Karin holds a Masters in Ecopsychology and its practice is a foundation of the MoonHill Mystery School. Ecopsychology framing seeks to expand and remedy the emotional connection between humans and nature.

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Words from the Community

Nicole B.

"I have had multiple sessions with Karin at Moonhill services seeking guidance for both business and very personal topics. She is extremely caring, professional and insightful. I absolutely believe that she has abilities and eagerly seek her out when weighing serious issues. She is easy to trust and confide in. I strongly recommend her services and abilities." 

Wild Nature


Your Journey

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Natural Herbs

Your Journey starts here. 

Connect with Nature. 

Connect with Others. 

Connect with Yourself. 


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River Rapids
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