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Registration closes January 22nd

Deepen Spirit and Magic through the Seasons 2022


     In 2022, we have the opportunity to center ourselves in our earth-honoring practices, reignite our relationship to the sacred and deepen our understanding of the lost awareness of seasonal practices. In this 6 month course you will develop your personal practices based on the Celtic Calendar, ground yourself in nature-connected exercises, and deepen your understanding of the seasonal experiences. We will go through half of the Celtic Calendar- Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, and Summer Solstice.

     This dynamic class will incorporate the interest and previous experience of the participants, meeting folks where they are at and develop your confidence through practical experience. This work is spiral, we continue to move through the wheel of the year, deepen our understanding of ourselves and spiritual nature.

     7 zoom sessions and one in person event. We will meet every three week, we will discuss the coming Sabbats and then we will do a debrief session. - Jan 25, Feb 15, March 8, March 29, April 19, May 10, May 31 and June 21st.  2 hours. 6-8pm

These sessions will culminate with a Summer Solstice in person ritual in South Salish Sea!

Cost $35-60 per class (sliding scale.)  $280-$450 paid in advance. Please contact me if finances are a barrier. POC discount available as well.


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Past class offerings


Registration closed

Awakening the Divine Feminine


     Moon magic and connecting to a host of Goddesses will be the primary work we do as we gather monthly. Deepening your connection to patron Goddesses, participants will work with a different Goddess each month. This exploration of the Divine Feminine creates the opportunity to expand our relationship with ourselves. 

     Participants will also learn Moon Magic skills, practicing connecting with the moon. This course is nine months long, dictated by the whim of the moon, all classes are a few days before the full moon. This dynamic schedule is available in advance for those considering this course.

     9 zoom sessions- 2 hours. 6-8pm Sessions scheduled for October 17th, November 15th , December 16th, Jan 14th, Feb 13th, March 15th, April 13th, May 13th and June 12th.

Cost $35-50 per class (sliding scale.)  $315-$425 paid in advance. Please contact me if finances are a barrier. POC discount available as well.

Registration closed. Contact me to be put on our mailing list for future courses


"New to Paganism and fascinated by its diversity and seemingly simple (yet very complex) practices, it was important  for me to find a learning space lead by someone with a wide knowledge base, a warm heart, and a strong spirituality. Karin always suggested books, seminars, other instructors based on our interests and I was able to avail myself of events and sources that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. I was able to learn, explore, discuss and begin to grasp basic concepts and ideas that helped me begin to find my own spiritual path. In this safe and healthy place, the class shared their own practices and provided ideas, insights and wisdom that was supportive and inclusive.   I very much looked forward to our monthly class and believe it helped us all grow in unique and powerful ways. "  -Gayle L.D.

"I took the year long Weaving Spirit and Magic classes and it was a truly wonderful experience. Karin is a fantastic educator who has a wide breadth of knowledge and wisdom to share as an elder. 

I definitely recommend the class as a way to experience of shared community. Having different viewpoints available to listen to and to communicate ideas with can be be a challenge, but Karin handled the difficulties beautifully well. 

The classes gave me a lovely blend of varying inspirations and creative discussions that enabled me to continue down my practical and spiritual path. I'm very grateful to her and everyone in the class for the experience."

-Jasmine k.

"This course (Weaving Spirit and Magic through the Seasons) was such a joy to be a part of. Karin is a wonderful teacher and we were all able to have some really great discussions during the year we spent together. Being part of the group was incredibly meaningful and I’ve loved getting to know everyone and hearing different experiences with the material. It’s been a really wonderful experience for me, and something to look forward to during the long pandemic months we’ve all been living in. I’m looking forward to Karin’s new courses coming up!" - Jamie C.

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