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We are the Flow. We are the Ebb. We are the Weavers. We are the Web.*

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Well things don’t always go as we plan. When I can listen to spirit, things usually go a little easier. As I was completing my Masters in Ecopsychology in May, I had wild aspirations of offering a full body of in-person classes and a few online offerings, starting the Fall of this year. My usual process includes asking Spirit, the ancestors, my spirit guides, whoever really wants to weigh in, about the details. Details like- What is the community seeking that I can offer? When should I offer this class, course, or workshop? What content serves my community best?

As I started to investigate into the autumn of 2021, spirit said- nope. When I do psychic work it often appears in a visual form, although that is not the only way. As I visualized Fall, I could not see an opening for classes or courses, especially not in person. I wondered if this had to do with Covid-19, or maybe some of my family that are ill will need care, or maybe something else will stop me from in-person offering classes. Through the years I have come to follow the instructions from spirit, even when its really not what I want to do.

A few years, I got the message that I was not to offer any classes in a particular season. This was disappointing because I really enjoy teaching, but I followed the instructions from spirit and I am glad I did. That season, I almost lost my Mom, she was hospitalized for a month in Seattle. Along with my sister we were constantly by her side in the hospital. That could have been bad enough but my uncle died and a co-worker passed away, both unexpected deaths that rocked my family and my community. My mother required care for the next three months, I was her night care in addition to her day-time nursing care. Now of course cancelling a few classes would have been easy to do but I was grateful to not have to worry about that.

Once summer hit this year, I was full of excitement and motivation to get my course catalogue out. I offered four elements courses- a full day with each element- earth, air, fire and water. I thought, well, maybe summer classes will work out? These classes were to be an experiential delight! The vision was to spend a whole day examining our relationship with each element. Taking into account the metaphysical qualities of each element and deepening our relationship with them. Incorporating an animist perspective- who am I, in relationship with this element? How does it speak to me? How do I show respect to this element? How do I honor this element?

We were able to make one workshop work. The WATER workshop was amazing. We gathered at a lake. We meditated with water, we swam, we sang to the water, we made water essences to hold the vibrational energy of the waters that we experienced. It was blissful. Unfortunately, the others were cancelled because of excessive heat warning, smoke-induced air quality warnings, covid-19 cases increase, and a myriad of other reasons.

As time has rolled on some things have become more clear. October will be a month of recovery for me. I have a minor foot surgery scheduled for the middle of the month that requires 6-8 weeks of recovery. My intention is to focus on healing and recovery as much as possible. Not surprisingly to those who know me, I had already marked my surgery date on my calendar, months before I even knew I needed surgery. The surgeon’s office said “We have only one date available.” In my mind I thought, “ugh, I hate cancelling clients, but I must do this.’ So I ask what is the available date? I look in my calendar and low and behold, I had written- “Hold” and not scheduled anyone for that week! I love it when I listen to spirit!

Now this brings us back this moment. The offerings that have gotten ‘approved’ by spirit are two online courses that will last 9 months. As the Autumn progresses, I will offer shorter, 2-4 hour online classes, I am able. My hope is that once we arrive in 2022 there will be more space for additional in-person classes as it becomes safe to do so.

Weaving Spirit and Magic through the Seasons- meets on zoom monthly, 2nd Thursday.

Awakening the Divine Feminine- meets on zoom monthly based on the cycles of the moon.

See the Moonhill Mystery School Website for more information about classes.

*Lines from the song, “We are the Flow.” Composed by: Shekinah Mountainwater


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